Disturbed – The Light [Official Music Video] mp3 download


New Album “Immortalized” Out Now: https://wbr.ec/immortalized

Directed by Culley Bunker & Craig Bernard

Tour Dates: http://disturbed1.com

Connect with Disturbed:
Official Website – http://disturbed1.com
Facebook – http://facebook.com/disturbed
Twitter – http://twitter.com/disturbed
Instagram – http://instagram.com/disturbed
Spotify – http://smarturl.it/disturbed.spotify

Disturbed – The Light [Official Music Video]


  1. Ha I wish my church would play this as worship because the soul is undeniably exploding out of these lyrics an vocals this is GOSPEL truly love this.

  2. .i was a soldier in shyatet 13
    .once we had an operation in lebnon
    .my best friend was killed before my eyes, he jump on granrde to save my platoon life
    so we finish the opration and we go back to isreal, im sobbin like a maniac
    and antoher friend of mine gave me a pair of headphones with this song, sudenly evrething seems alright
    (and this song will forever be knowon (for me
    as avichi song
    brother i love you, you are light

  3. Songs like this are great for those on the edge between life and death. It reminds people that one can overcome the situation their in and can rise from their ashes stronger then the day they fell.

  4. Dear Members of Disturbed: Thank you for restoring my love of real music from real bands with real talent. In a World drowning in sound-engineered crap, your artistry is an oasis.

  5. I recently discovered Disturbed. They remind me of bands like Judad Priest, Queen and the Scorpions all with awesome singers with amazing voices! ! ! It takes me back to my youth. I will be listening yo more of this band.


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