Farmer Nappy – Performance (Vintage 45′ Riddim) “2016 Soca” (Trinidad) mp3 download


[Official] / Subscribe to Channel: | Produced by: Mega Mick. Mixed by: Mega Mick, Recorded by: Mega Mick and IKO. Mastered by: Madmen. Written by: Nadia Batson

Do you remember when music was timeless? When music was for all ages throughout the ages? Do you remember when music was #Sweet? Well #MegaMick has infused that classic melody with a new age of flavors to herald the birth of the #Vintage45 Riddim. The Riddim screams nostalgia and makes you feel a #TypeAhWay. #NadiaBatson and #FarmerNappy lead you back to a time when music evoked a feeling that was oh so good. While #SekonSta rushes back to the future to usher in that #Vintage45 sweetness. Now that is #Performance.

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