Chuck Gordon ft Fridge – No Time (Official Music Video) “2016 Soca” mp3 download


[Official] / Subscribe to Channel: | Written by: Juelio Nelson
Produced by: Juelio Nelson Of Nugeneration Studios
Mastered by: Madman Yohann
Artwork by: Engine Studios
Publicist: Michael Mondezie of Mic Sstarr Publicist


LAVENTILLE, PORT-OF-SPAIN – Live in the moment. That’s the overarching message in Chuck Gordon’s new groovy soca single “No Time”.

The back to back National Calypso Monarch has teamed up with ace producer Juelio Nelson and H2O Phlo alumni Jason “Fridge” Seecharan on the single that is already creating quite a buzz among soca fans.

The Laventille-based artiste takes his vocal delivery to the next level on “No Time”. He flawlessly vocalizes the opening notes. Finds perfect harmony with Fridge on the chorus. And he delivers his message with a strong lead.

“We’re going deeper than the surface of the lyric. Far too often we’re so focused on the outcome we forget to enjoy the process. That’s why I say ‘Don’t look back’. Only when the picture is completed can we fully appreciate it,” he said.

Rising star filmmaker Denith Mc Nicolls is the man behind the lens bringing Gordon’s “No Time” visual to life. The Denithy director utilized white space and graffiti art to tell the story of a bigger overarching picture being created to the backdrop that is life.

Alixzander Morle and his team at Engine Design Studios are the instruments of that design. The talented Belmont-based artist brings his own interpretation to the “No Time” project completing the creative circle of music, art and life.

“When all elements come together the picture is complete. Now we all bask in the result and are well satisfied. Now we share with the world that message and experience,” Gordon summated.

Call in to your favourite radio stations to request Chuck Gordon ‘s “No Time” or log on to his social media pages for a personalized experience and more information.


Michael Mondezie

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  1. Good lord, can we get some creativity for our soca videos now. I feel like im watching a loop of Soul Train meets Soca Train sprinkled with some stripper juice. AND I am a man and love to watch butts wine, but come on now, creativity.


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