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Story of a young lady in love and the dilemma of being the one who wants to make the first move.
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  1. When talking about the identity of the person merely or laws in some people to suggest that the picture is a link address has to distinguish between the people there and they are also fleeing from the image they have in their desire to a picture or to say so people talk about diversity and some have a humanitarian crisis in the black assistant to her mother when pregnant are coal ate and there from those colors while they have the color of the colors humans which even the wisdom over or beyond the description of human so everybody behavior has or is likely to talk about or obsessed with the familiar neighbors living with a person who loves peace and development, and respect for human rights and everyone likes to keep always talk to convey a sense of community and carries some people want to tell me these things He said the different views of the human person be so always seek the path of justice and stability by Abdiweli Ali coal xafaada Eastleigh 2: 51pm

  2. She is my role model the only this is that she isn't a doctor if she das one i would follow her.thanks for Tour songs.I watched her songs since o was a baby.

  3. In terms of truth and justice everybody in the world is legally legitimate and their name is even legitimate that it is even known to the person who likes the development and well-being, but if the situation is like somalia, everyday counterfeit letters and the names given by the central government in each of the districts known to the population in the rural and urban areas of the present day have been found using the Internet at any location available and is known for every person to talk or comment on when In reality, however, countries that have to declare laws or provide laws such as a large number of countries are unique to the person's face and abdiweli ali coal s


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