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  1. You either like keidis and hate patton or you like patton and hate keidis.
    Im with Mr. Bungle.rhcp are shit and always have been. Theyrr white trash. Patton has actual talent. Look at that motherfuckers Italian music. Keidis is still tapping that teenage puss.

  2. It is an epic joke that most of the world believes they live on a spinning ball hurdling through outer space.

    FYI, earth is a non rotating flat plane with peaks and valleys, ships don't disappear over any curved water, our eyes are limited so it only appears to go over a curve.

  3. This is both the greatest and worst music video ever. The band hates it! But look at other old big MTV videos and this shit is like the Godfather…complete with a dead fish

  4. Great song and music video. It's not always the case with music videos to great songs, but this one still holds up pretty good imho.


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