EMIN – In Another Life (ft. Donald Trump and Miss Universe’13 Contestants) Official Video mp3 download


The single is available on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/amor-in-another-life-single/id733224667

A dozen of the world’s most beautiful women are more than just a dream for EMIN in his new music video for the single “In Another Life”… but he is brought back to reality by the always tough-talking words of Donald Trump!





  1. DEAR EMIN! I want to say how i apreciate your songs from time to time! Your type of songs are not part of my daily routine but when i'm listening to them i really enjoy them!
    I like the content, it's soft, chill and clips are funny! So it's cool if you like what you're doing!
    IM respecting your work as comparing to nowadays video songs on youtube, yours do not show any bad example for younger generation (i talk about twerking asses and smoking weed shit lol)
    So continue doing what you like to do and continue sharing your experience!

  2. I don't understand why they'd all be so stupid. Like… did any of them stop and say — hey… what if this underhanded bullsh*t happens to work, and Donaldzyn Trumpinsky is elected by some miracle. Won't it all be so obvious that we did all this… stuff? Umm. Won't it just be a red neon sign pointing back to us, and Putin, and The Agalarovs, and this Miss Universe contest etc? Yikes. It'll look really bad, guys. Guys? Bad. Bad? Bad, guys. Bad Guys? BAD GUYS.

  3. Good song and this was recently brought up on a CNN my pro-democrat party news source since his manager was involved with Trump Jr's meeting during the 2016 presidential campaign with a pro-Kremlin lawyer. It's possible that Trump can invite him to Washington alongside Yulia Samilyova Eurovision 🇷🇺 2017 & 2018 since he did some videos with Eurovision contestants like Ani Lorak 🇺🇦 2008 Polina Gagarina 🇷🇺 Eurovision 2015 Coming from a democrat

  4. Can everyone here shut the fuck up about Trump, Russian oligarchs and piss? if you don't like the Sony just fuck off instead of whining about Trump

  5. To save your ears from bleeding, just skip to 3:27 to see the asshole "acting". Almost as bad as acting as President. You're welcome.

    #IMPEACHtrump #Kompromat

  6. What? Richie Rich has no exotic beauty queen to toss his dirty towels to? How tragic! If only I could unsee this drumpfster-fire-nightmare. Beyond offensive.

  7. only room in this fantasy for preening models. Working jo's are the butt of the joke. Especially the overweight woman. Hate to be a woman in Russia.

  8. Круто! Президент США снялся в клипе) вот, оказывается, все же русский след есть…)

  9. great song,great video,well EMIN is great singer well done, nice vocals nice song nice music video I love the one you do with Ani Lorak so much,that I listen to every day,she is amazing woman actually. OH Karolina is so wonderful you have made two great song with  videos with her. She's amazing actually.


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