Isaac Blackman – Soca (Soul Of Calypso) “2014 Soca” (Sando Riddim, By Precision) mp3 download


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  1. He was born Garfield Blackman in Barrackpore, Trinidad and Tobago and rose to fame as Lord Shorty with his 1963 hit "Clock and Dagger" and took on the name Ras Shorty I. He started out writing songs and performing in the calypso genre. In the 1970s, he began experimenting with calypso by blending it with the local chutney—the music of Trinidad's East Indian population—using instruments such as the sitar and tabla. I love the influence of Ras Shorty I in the music world and I support Isaac Blackman 100%. Let's have more music with positive messages which would bring us together on our airwaves!!!

  2. I've been having a hard time hearing the difference between chutney, soca, and calypso.  They all sound the same.  Is it simply the instruments that distinguish them?


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