Jon Hopkins – “Open Eye Signal” (Official Music Video) mp3 download


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A skateboarding odyssey in the desert.

Artist: Jon Hopkins
Track: Open Eye Signal
Album: Immunity
Label: Domino Records
Skateboarder: Chris Chann
Director: Aoife McArdle
Production company: Colonel Blimp
Executive producer & producer at Colonel Blimp: Tamsin Glasson

Open Eye Signal is from Immunity out June 3/4 on Domino:

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  1. This video reminds me of the times in life when the going gets tough.
    You just need to keep on skating.
    Things will get better again. 🙂

  2. First time I watched this video was my first time trying acid. When I came back, my reaction was "What happened to all the cool visuals and reflections?" I think it's better sober somehow. This is a beautiful thing.

  3. I've heard this song long time ago (3-4 years back) on one of the John Digweed's sets… maybe even on Proton show. Then I've searched for the song on yt cause I loved it very much… as time past on I forgot the name of the song and now almost 3-4 years later I'm re-united with this masterpiece.


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