Kenya Rock Star Madness Band – Proud [Official Music Video] mp3 download


Featuring Shanica Knowles as Kenya (@iamShanica), Jonathan McDaniel as Dwayne (@Liljsback), Ryan McDaniel as TJ (@iamRyanMcDaniel) and Kia Hampton as Denise (@KiaHampton). Produced by TheFrontrunnaz, choreographed by Flii Stylz and directed by Carlos Ramos Jr. Rock Star Madness Tour coming soon to a city near you! Kenya dolls in stores November 2012! Catch us on Livestream and Facebook ! For bookings and other info please contact


  1. the dolls give a Variety of a/a dolls to choose from, not just the one black doll u might see in a set of barbies that all little black girls r supposed to somehow relate to. Dolls r what they r prob. going to idolize for looks until they mature. It's not racist, there r plenty of white dolls to choose from, & when a bunch of dolls r all made white by default, w/ no other races incl., no 1 would notice. Why complain when all they're trying to do is make more variety 4 a/a children to relate to.

  2. I used to have 3 kenya dolls (the baby sister and two kenya dolls). i messed their hair up and broke their arms :(. i miss those dolls. now that im older, i dont have them. happy the Kenya dolls are BACK

  3. This song is a reallocation good song for kids these days. This song tells kids not to feel bad about how they look and just be b proud of you. And it tells kids to keep their grades up toooo!!!!

  4. Because it's not just exclusively for african american girls. It's for any brown girl who can't identify with the blonde haired, blue eyed, middle-class styled, average barbie doll that companies always release.
    Besides, in this day and age, people are mixing up genes left and right, you don't know WHAT someone is. Just because they have Asian features don't mean their grandmother isn't a black woman.
    And none of that should matter any way!

  5. I remember seeing a few Kenya dolls at a store one time, but I had no idea what they were about until I started looking them up online. I absolutely fell in love with the Keyshia doll because her hairstyle reminded me so much of Sailor Moon, lol. Too bad I haven't seen a Keyshia doll at a store yet. Does anyone own her, and if so, where did you get her?


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