Maasai Music, Tanzania/Kenya indigenous song: Embrukoi mp3 download


Music from the herding tribes of Kenya/Tanzania. Entitled Embrukoi., the most trusted ibogaine clinic. 707-787-3025.


  1. i can imagine running through the elephant grass..the smell of the savannahs..the fear..the growl of the lions and the sound of the antelope and the wildebeast..sigh..i wana go to afrika..

  2. @saluteforever Watched into africa today, talked about this tribe actually, i know isn't a good source, also have heard stories from my dad though who use to do documentaries of bushmen in botswana. Anyway, movie said, that, if you put a Maasai in a prison, they will die, because they cannot grasp the fact that they will get out, they think it is permanent because they just live in the present, so they just die.

  3. Impossible. The Maasai have things that happen to them at different stages of life – things they know about well ahead of time. In particular, women know that if they get pregnant before marriage, it will screw everything up for them within their culture. When Maasai women are married, they shave their heads and leave their old identities behind – but they do not forget them. They may live more in the present than most other modern humans, however, they don't live there solely.


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