Kenyan Catholic Music mp3 download


Kenyan Catholic choir Praising God. Distinctly African Music, Distinctly Catholic in Identity.


  1. Having lived in Africa for a few years and serving as a Missionary in Kenya was one of the highlights of my life.  There is something special about their worship and praise that when I came home was missing from others worship services that I can't explain.  Loved hearing and watching this video.  But I wouldn't give it a brand name, it's just worshipers praising the One God of All.  God Bless you and all the people of Kenya.

  2. I can only imangine what christians like myself been to especialy when they had to Cross many miles of the oceans to go preach the word to strangers people that looked different from us in tarms of skin color it must been difficult and many people died happy we here still and we want the word of God understood and is difficult now just think how it was in the 13000 and we made it this far it wasnt easy brothers and sisters.

  3. Swahili Catholic songs sound so good, makes me miss the mass! Find more Catholic info from the Catholic Liturgical Calendar


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