Kenyan Pop Music 1 mp3 download


Song: First Lady by Mr. Nice

There is lots of good Kenyan music. This is not an example of it.


  1. bliss252 i agree with you and i'm Tanzanian and 'm sitting here laughing at all these comments about my TZ representative, Mr.Nice……….it makes me laugh to see all these comments really

  2. seriously it's embarrasing. I'm always amused when I see comments by Nigerians saying how much better they are than Ghana etc. Kumbe Kenyans are doing the same! What ignorance! I love Kenya but these miros should stop thinking it's States and yes, I have seen shyte Kenyan videos.

  3. You write this is not an example for good kenyan pop music. So, why did you name your video kenyan pop music ? Shure you know, that the guy is tansanian. Do you?
    Shure there are musicians in kenya and as well there must be good videos and not this homemade amateur s… (sorry)


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